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What We Do

What we do

World Class Production Studio

Yggdrazil group is a world-class production studio based in Bangkok, known for one of the best maltifaceted studios in Thailand. Either complete service from conceptual planning through the final outcome, or taking the existing project to the next level, we ensure the service beyond customer’s expectation.

We do Pre-Production

Build a strong foundation of you masterpiece by one of the best creative directors.

  • Idea Development
  • Treatment
  • Scripts
  • Storyboard / Animatic / Previsualization
  • Cast
  • Crew
  • Concept Art & Design

We do production

Execute your work professionally

  • Filmimg
  • Layout
  • Animation

We do production

Execute your work professionally

  • Filmimg
  • Layout
  • Animation

We do post-production

Let’s make your imagination come true on screen.

  • Editing
  • Visual Effects
  • Music & Sound Fx
  • Final movie


Taking the existing project to the next level

Modelling – Rigging – Texture – Layout – Animation – Music – Sound Design – Audio Post – Effect Simulation – Lighting – Render – Comp & FX – Color Grading


Our goal is 100% believable characters. The key is not only technique, we put souls in the character like nobody can.

  • Characture and Creature Design
  • Concept Design
  • Animated Feature Film
  • TV Series Animation


Captivated your audience with thrilled cinematics. We understand the art of narration and emotionnally impressed graphic and ready to fulfill your vision.


Successful commercials require an inspired story line and unforgettable graphic. Our creative team is one of the best in Thailand, guaranteed by hundreds of clients.


Our 3D modellers can fill your movies, games, AR, VR

  • Product/ batch 3D models
  • Game-ready optimized models
  • Photorealistic 3D models
  • Image-based modeling
  • Modelling from sketch/ concept design
  • Character 3D modeling
  • Architectural 3D modeling


With the new generation of technologies – 5G, IoTs, AI, blockchain – The Crossed Reality will be a vital UX that make your business distinctive. We offer a whole pipeline of VR/AR/MR from business’ painpoint identifying, planning, development, lauching, and improvement.

  • Game / sport / trip n travel UX
  • Simulated environment / showroom
  • AR Application
  • Interactive VR/AR

Virtual Production

Yggdrazil is the most equipped studio in Thailand for virtual production. Blend physical and digital world with the latest technology, where director and the team see virtual environment and characters. Virtual Production allows director and crews accumulate knowledge and wisdom of traditional filmmaking within a digital environment.


Instead of joining us as a client, Yggdrazil open for business opportunity ventures. Let’s leverage our assets!

  • Cross-industry venture
  • Platfrom sharing
  • etc.

What we Gain

OVER 30+ Awards Since 2007 – Present

With our devotion to every single piece of work, we have received both domestic and international awards; Cannes Lions, Media Asian Advertising, Asia Pacific Advertising, and ADMAN B.A.D. The company’s reputation and awards guarantee that we will not stop our creativity.

World Class Facility

Make your vision to come true with every possible advanced tool and well-designed creative atmosphere to bring the best from our team.

Groundbreaking technology

We invest the latest technology for you. Endeavoring to give you the best tools, we possess the newest technology in the market. Our computing capacity is limitless by SASS.

Talented Artists

From 15-year experienced directors to customer supports, we work as a team to provide you smooth services.
Besides 200+ BKK based talents, we work with partners from every conner of the world to give you the best person of every aspect.

Cyber Security

We hosted cyber-secured system and protocol to protect you valuable works, with Information Security Standard ISO 27001. Your work is only accessible by the authorised and backed up in DR site.



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